Celebrating The Small Wins

As the year goes on and the job hunt continues, there are many like myself who begin to feel the burn out. Between job rejections, self learning, networking, and ticking off the little list career services gives you, it can start to wear down a person. For me, it has been health issues and the constant go, go, go of job hunting and bettering myself to snag those dream jobs that got me.

In these moments where you feel low and aimless, some of the best advice I’ve gotten from my Career Counselor and others is “Do what you can.” If your health (physical or mental) is becoming an obstacle, do what you can when you can. If its the bare minimum that week, try to make it quality at least. If it is the job hunt rejections and ghosting that has you feeling low, remember to celebrate those little wins. Did you finish a project? Get a new connection? Maybe you got that zoom “Coffee Meeting” to just chat with a networking connection? Great! Celebrate that and acknowledge that win and the work you put in to get that. Yeah, it may not be big but it matters all the same in journey.

From my own experience these past 2 weeks battling with my physical and mental health, here are some tips that I’ve found work for me and might work for you:

  1. Have a little care bag by your bed or desk. Face wipes, snacks, water, any medicine or supplements you need. It seems small but getting yourself to do that and feel a little fresher helps you feel a little more human and in your body.
  2. Have you laptop or tablet by you. This way, even if you physically can’t get out of bed because of illness or your mind is holding you hostage, you can get that, and do something in bed. Read some articles, watch a video on something you’re doing or studying code wise, or make some connections on LinkedIn while you scroll your feed.
  3. Do a little prep for future you. If you don’t have the focus to read an article or watch something or code, make a list. List of connections you want to make. Jobs that pop up in your LinkedIn Jobs. Articles you want to read or videos on code/tech you want to watch. Set it up so that when you do have some focus and energy, you’ll have a little less work and something set to go for you then.
  4. Reach out to your support. It really helps. If you’re a new bootcamp grad with career services help, your counselor and any friends you made in your cohort are great people to reach out. They’ll help you realize you’ll be ok and offer help if they are able and bare minimum? It will help you verbalize what’s going on and get an idea of where to go from there.
  5. Remember why you’re doing this. Job hunting in the tech industry, especially for Bootcamp and College grads, can be rough. Discouraging even. But remember why you wanted to do this. Take an hour or so to remind yourself what you love about coding and what you want to do with it and let it fuel you. It may sound silly but sometimes reminding yourself of your why is a good kick in the butt.

Hopefully these little tips can help you through if you’re having a rough time and remember that you can do this and it takes time for people to see how great and capable you are.



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Pilahi Moran

Pilahi Moran

Full Stack Software Engineer, Artist, Cook, and Illustrator. Mother of 2 cockatiels and 2 cats.